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Chiba refinery Idemitsu IKC
Element evaluation 2 IKC

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS is owned by Idemitsu Group, a global energy corporation based in Japan.

Sazo Idemitsu founded the company as a lubricant oil sales business in 1911. The principles of human-centric management we were founded on more than 100 years ago are the same principles we live by today.

Oil exploration and production in Norway and South East Asia form an important part of the resource businesses in the group. At the same time, green power sources like wind, hydrogen and geothermal are priority areas for Idemitsu on the path towards a sustainable future. Securing a stable supply of energy will remain a key responsibility for the group.


Futamata vindkraftverk (Aomori) Foto med tillatelse fra Japans vindutvikling

Futamata wind farm. Photo by IKC and FUTAMATA WIND DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD

Hydrogenstasjon i Japan (2021)

Idemitsu hydrogen station opened in 2021. Photo: IKC


In 2019, Idemitsu Kosan merged with Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. in Japan. The company will continue to operate and expand the following five business segments both domestically and abroad: petroleum products, basic chemicals, functional materials, electricity & renewable energy, and resources.

For more information about our parent company, please visit Idemitsu’s global website.


Idemitsu Kosan management philosophy


Truly inspired

How often do we consider the countries and communities we touch, and how much empathy do we have for the people living there?
Are we contemplating what’s best for them and then doing our utmost to act in their interests?
Each day, we must reflect on our actions; we must strive to do better not only for ourselves,but also for others.
When we come together and our efforts are united, we make the impossible possible.

With integrity, solidarity, and determination, we will overcome any challenge we face.


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