HSE&Q Policy

Our HSE&Q policy states that Health, Safety and Environmental considerations are of primary focus at all levels in our organisation.  We believe that good health, safety, environment and quality is good business. This HSE&Q Policy shall be made available to the public.
In order to establish and maintain a company culture with a high standard of health, safety and environment, Idemitsu is committed to:

  • Implementing the most appropriate preventive and mitigating measures to minimise inherent risks associated with our operations
  • Securing a healthy and safe working environment, protecting all employees and contractors from risk, injury or loss
  • Reducing harmful emissions and waste, and use energy and natural resources efficiently selecting environmentally friendly products, materials and services to reduce our environmental footprint
  • Ensuring safety of facilities, equipment and work practices related to petroleum exploration, development and production
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant HSE&Q–related regulations and laws and with good industry practice.
  • Continually evaluate and improve our individual and company performance.

We seek to do business based on the corporate vision of “respect for human beings”. We shall continuously strive to achieve zero harm in all we do. Good working environment and health is promoted in our work place and in our licenses.
Maintaining safe operations is a primary target in all business activities. Through identification and mitigation of risk and continuous improvement of the way we work, we successfully conduct our business to achieve the best result for the Company and Society.
We make HSE the cornerstone of our business and strive to preserve and improve the natural environment. We want to minimise our impact on the external environment. In our activities on the NCS we aim to minimise discharges to sea and air, and to execute operations with the least disturbance to marine wildlife and vegetation.
Compliance to regulations and continuous improvement are quality focus areas. We have established an approach to continuously improve our performance. Through the use of our management system we can ensure that our work maintains the high standards that we expect.