Idemitsu group

The Idemitsu group was founded in 1911 by Sazo Idemitsu in order to realize his ideas and philosophy through business. The group has achieved remarkable business growth, especially through the second half of the twentieth century, and is now one of the largest independent energy corporations in Japan.

The activities of the group include oil-related businesses for stable supply of energy, and also compound energy businesses such as onsite fuel cell/gaseous energy, oil exploration, geothermal energy, coal and uranium mining, highly value-added production of petrochemicals and lubricants, electronic materials and new biotechnology business.

As an energy supplier, Idemitsu promotes the development of energy sources to replace fossil fuels. Among such efforts, particular emphasis is placed on renewable energy with low environmental impact. In 2007, Idemitsu began working toward wind-power generation and supplying biogas.

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Since the successful discovery of the first oil field offshore Japan in 1972, Idemitsu has explored, developed and produced oil and gas for almost 40 years. Norway has been a core area since entering the Snorre development in 1989. Idemitsu group commits to actively seek investments on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and continuously contribute to the Norwegian society.