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Delineation of the Dugong oil discovery
(Published 07.04.2021)

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge is pleased to announce that drilling of the Dugong appraisal well 34/4-16 S has been successfully completed.

The first exploration well in PL 090 I made a significant oil discovery close to the Fram Field
(Published 25.03.2021)

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS (“IPN”) (15 %) and partners Equinor Energy AS (Operator 45 %), Vår Energi AS (25 %) and Neptune Energy Norge AS (15 %) have discovered oil in the 31/2-22 S well on the Blasto prospect located 3 kilometers southwest of the Fram Field.

Duva completes EHXT installation
(Published 24.03.2021)

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge has together with the operator Neptune Energy Norge and the other Duva partners, PGNiG Upstream Norway and Sval Energi completed the successful installation of four Enhanced Horizontal Subsea Tree Systems (EHXT) for the Duva development project in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

Improving oil recovery and extending the field life of Statfjord Øst
(Published 28.12.2020)

On 16 December 2020, Equinor, as Operator of Statfjord Øst Unit and on behalf of the partners, issued a written notification of material changes to the Plan for Development and Operation for Statfjord Øst.

First Production from Snorre Expansion Project
(Published 15.12.2020)

A milestone in the Snorre Expansion project was reached on 12 December 2020 , when the first wells were put on production.

Partial divestment of Barents Sea acreage
(Published 20.10.2020)

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS (IPN) is pleased to confirm that on 2 October 2020, a sale and purchase agreement was signed with Lundin Energy Norway AS under which IPN agrees to divest half of its Barents Sea portfolio to Lundin subject to the approval of its parent company, Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. and the Norwegian authorities.

Oil discovery in the Dugong prospect near Snorre Field in the North Sea – 34/4-15 S and 34/4- 15 A
(Published 06.08.2020)

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS (20%) with the Operator Neptune Energy Norge AS (40%), Petrolia NOCO AS (20%) and Concedo ASA (20%) have discovered oil in license PL882 in the exploration well 34/4-15 S, and sidetrack well 34/4-15 A 10 km west of the Snorre field.

41st Exploration pilot well in PL 089 near the Vigdis field in the North Sea proves hydrocarbons
(Published 16.07.2020)

Hywind Tampen approved by Norwegian authorities
(Published 02.06.2020)

On 11 October 2019 the Snorre and Gullfaks partnerships submitted two updated plans for development and operation of the Tampen Hywind wind farm to Norwegian authorities.

Increased production from the Fram field
(Published 11.02.2020)

APA2019 license award to Idemitsu
(Published 28.01.2020)

Oil and gas discovery near the Fram field in the North Sea – 35/11-23
(Published 11.11.2019)

Submission of PDO for Hywind Tampen
(Published 16.10.2019)

The final investment decision for the Hywind Tampen offshore wind farm project was approved by the partners in the Snorre and Gullfaks licenses, and the Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) was submitted to the Norwegian authorities.

Idemitsu marks 30 years in Norway
(Published 25.09.2019)

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS (IPN) was established on 25 September 1989 and celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Duva PDO approved
(Published 26.06.2019)

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge confirms today that its Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) for the Duva (PL 636) project in the North Sea has been approved by Norwegian authorities.

Idemitsu submits development plan for Duva
(Published 06.03.2019)

Formerly known as Cara.

Boosting Vigdis
(Published 06.12.2018)

By almost 11 million barrels.

Successful appraisal well and extended production test on the Alta discovery
(Published 26.09.2018)

Considering floating wind power at Snorre and Gullfaks
(Published 29.08.2018)

PDO for Snorre Expansion Project approved
(Published 06.07.2018)

24th Licensing Round award to Idemitsu
(Published 22.06.2018)

Additional acreage in the Barents Sea.

Idemitsu + Munch for five more years
(Published 07.03.2018)

New sponsorship agreement signed.

APA 2017 license award to Idemitsu
(Published 22.01.2018)

Strenghtens our presence in one of our core areas.

25 more years for Snorre
(Published 12.01.2018)

Investing in 25 more years on the Snorre field – PDO for the Snorre Expansion Project submitted to the Norwegian authorities.

Fram field life extension project
(Published 14.11.2017)

The Fram partners have decided to invest in a gas module on the Troll C platform in the North Sea.

Relocating to Lysaker
(Published 25.09.2017)

Idemitsu is moving office.

Delineation of the 7324/8-1 Wisting oil discovery
(Published 25.09.2017)

Successful data collection in the north.

Delineation of the 7220/11-1 Alta oil and gas discovery
(Published 28.08.2017)

Good news from the Barents Sea.

Production start for Byrding
(Published 02.08.2017)

On July 15, the Byrding field started its production.

Byrding PDO approved
(Published 20.01.2017)

On 17 January, the PDO for Byrding was approved by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

More good news from the Barents Sea
(Published 28.11.2016)

Oil discovery in the Neiden prospect.

Successful Alta appraisal well re-entry
(Published 30.09.2016)

Good news from the Barents Sea.

Gas and oil discovery northeast of the Gjøa field in the northern North Sea – 36/7-4 Cara
(Published 23.09.2016)

Idemitsu has, together with our PL 636 license partners, successfully completed drilling and testing of the 36/7-4 Cara exploration well in the northern North Sea.

Fram C East production start
(Published 05.09.2016)

Came onstream on 24 August.

Production start on Knarr
(Published 23.03.2015)

The “Petrojarl Knarr” FPSO vessel has started production from the Knarr field in the northern North Sea.

Idemitsu oil and gas discovery in the Barents Sea
(Published 15.10.2014)

Idemitsu is pleased to announce that its fifth Barents Sea well has resulted in the company’s fourth discovery in this increasingly important region.

Production started from Fram H-Nord
(Published 10.09.2014)

Fast track field Fram H-Nord in the North Sea is now in production.

Minor gas discovery in the Barents Sea
(Published 08.08.2014)

The partners in production licence 614 have made a minor gas discovery of between 1 billion and 2 billion cubic meters.

Second Barents Sea oil discovery
(Published 04.07.2014)

Idemitsu is pleased to announce that its third Barents Sea well has resulted in yet another oil discovery.

Oil and gas proved in Titan delineation well in the Norwegian North Sea
(Published 05.06.2014)

The Titan partners just completed drilling of appraisal wells 35/9-11 S and 35/9-11 A in PL 420.

First Idemitsu Barents Sea well is an oil discovery
(Published 09.09.2013)

IPN is pleased to announce that our first well in the Barents Sea has been crowned with success.

Increased interest in H-Nord
(Published 04.07.2013)

Idemitsu has acquired additional interest in PL 090 F (25%) and PL 090 G (25%) from ExxonMobil.

22nd Licensing Round award to Idemitsu
(Published 13.06.2013)

On 12 June 2013 the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) announced that Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS has been offered a 20 % share in production license 711 in the 22nd Licensing Round.

Idemitsu + Munch
(Published 14.03.2013)

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge (IPN) is happy to announce that we once again have extended our sponsorship agreement with the Munch Museum in Oslo. The new agreement is worth MNOK 10 over the next 5 years.

Vigdis Nordøst on-stream
(Published 12.03.2013)

IPN is pleased to announce that production has started from the Vigdis Nordøst field.

APA 2012 award to Idemitsu
(Published 15.01.2013)

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy announced on 15 January 2013 that Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS has been awarded a 20 % partner share in one Production License as part of the 2013 Awards in Pre-defined Areas.

Completion of seismic acquisition
(Published 20.06.2012)

On 29 May, the 3D seismic acquisition of IPN operated license PL 578 was completed.

(Published 15.03.2012)

Please be advised that as of 19th of March 2012 our new address will be:

Four awards for Idemitsu in APA 2011
(Published 19.01.2012)

IPN has been awarded shares in four production licenses in the Awards in Pre-defined Areas 2011, three in the Northern North Sea and one in the Barents Sea.

Oil discovery near the Knarr field
(Published 03.01.2012)

The third exploration well and sidetrack in PL 373 S prove oil in Lower Jurassic sandstones.

Completion of well 35/7-1 ST2 "Apollon"
(Published 22.12.2011)

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge completed its first operated exploration well in Norway in 2011, as operator of production license 377 S.

Knarr PDO approved
(Published 15.06.2011)

The Knarr development, formerly known as Jordbær, was approved by the Norwegian Parliament last week.

21st Licensing Round awards to Idemitsu
(Published 15.04.2011)

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy announced on 15 April 2011 that Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS has been awarded partner shares in four licenses in the 21st Licensing Round.

Vigdis North East PDO submitted
(Published 15.04.2011)

On 12 April, a plan for development and operation (PDO) for the Vigdis North East field was submitted to Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

Idemitsu strikes oil
(Published 08.12.2010)

The Titan discovery is located northeast of the the Fram field, in one of Idemitsu’s core areas...

Vega Sør production start-up
(Published 03.12.2010)

The field is developed with one subsea template sending gas and condensate to the Gjøa platform...

Spring Energy new partner
(Published 10.05.2010)

As of 1 May, Spring Energy is a new partner in Idemitsu's operated license PL 377 S with a 20 % ownership share.