Idemitsu oil and gas discovery in the Barents Sea

15. oktober 2014

Idemitsu is pleased to announce that its fifth Barents Sea well has resulted in the company’s fourth discovery in this increasingly important region.

In Idemitsu’s eight-well exploration and appraisal programme on the entire NCS in 2014, this is the sixth well to be drilled and the fifth to make a discovery.

Well 7220/11‑1, the first well in PL 609, was drilled by the semisubmersible drilling facility Island Innovator, about 20 km northeast of the 7120/1‑3 Gohta oil and gas discovery and 190 km northwest of Hammerfest. 

The primary objective of well 7220/11‑1 was to prove the presence of hydrocarbons in sandstones of Middle Triassic age (the Kobbe Formation of the Ingøydjupet Group) and in carbonate rocks of Permian age (Ørn Formation of the Gipsdalen Group). A secondary objective was to prove the presence of hydrocarbons in sandstones of Carboniferous age (Falk Formation of the Gipsdalen Group).
The well encountered a gross hydrocarbon column of 55 m, consisting of 45 m oil in carbonate rocks of good reservoir quality with an overlying 10 m gas column.
Extensive data acquisition and sampling was carried out in the reservoir.
Two production tests (DSTs) were performed in the oil zone, producing at a maximum rate of 518 Sm3 of oil and 48,700 Sm3 gas per day through a 36/64” choke. The gas/oil ratio was 94 Sm3/Sm3.
A preliminary estimate of the gross recoverable oil and gas resources in the Alta accumulation is between 14 and 50 million standard cubic meters (Sm3) of recoverable oil and between 5 and 17 billion standard cubic meters (Sm3) of recoverable gas.

PL 609 was awarded to Idemitsu and fellow licensees in 2011 as part of the 21st Round of Concessions.

“Idemitsu is delighted to see that the long-term commitment, focus and work of our Barents Sea exploration continue to pay off,” declares Idemitsu Petroleum Norge Managing Director Teruyuki Takahashi. “Idemitsu notes the discovery with pleasure and remains busy preparing for the 23rd Round of Concessions, where a particular focus is placed on evaluation of the New Norwegian Territories. Idemitsu was among the very first companies to license the SE Barents Sea 2D seismic data and to join the SE Barents Sea 3D seismic group shoot”, Takahashi continues.
Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS holds a 30 % share in PL 609. Lundin Petroleum AS is the operator with a 40 % license interest, and RWE Dea Norge AS has a 30 % partner share.
The NPD press release may be found here.