Successful Alta appraisal well re-entry

30. september 2016

Good news from the Barents Sea.

Idemitsu has, together with its PL 609 license partners, successfully completed drilling and testing in a re-entry of appraisal well 7220/11-3 A (Alta-3) on the eastern flank of the Alta discovery in PL 609, approximately 4 km south of the discovery well 7220/11-1.

The 7220/11-3 and 7220/11-3 A wellbores that were drilled in 2015 encountered a gas column of 75 m and oil column of 44 m. The objective of the 7220/11-3 AR re-entry was to deepen the well below the oil-water contact in order to evaluate the quality of the Permo-Carboniferous carbonate reservoir and to conduct injection and production tests.
The well encountered several reservoir intervals with very good reservoir quality. Two injection tests in the carbonate reservoir below the oil-water contact injected 800 Sm3 seawater per day in the Falk Formation and 2 900 Sm3 seawater per day in the Ørn Formation, proving good to very good reservoir quality and injectivity. A production test in the gas zone in the Lower Triassic reservoir section produced a maximum of 595 000 Sm3 gas per day through a 64/64 inch choke.
After the discovery well 7220/11-1 the provisional estimated range of recoverable resources in the Alta discovery is 120-421 million barrels of oil equivalents (mmboe). Idemitsu’s share is about 36-126 million barrels of oil equivalents (mmboe).

Pressure data from wells 7220/11-3, -3 A and -3 AR indicate communication with the Alta discovery well 7220/11-1.
The re-entered wellbore was drilled to a total depth of 2,575 m measured depth and 2,389 m TVD below mean sea level, in rocks of Carboniferous age. The water depth is 397 m.
“Idemitsu is satisfied with the progress and success of the Alta appraisal campaign and a view towards a possible future joint development of Alta/Gohta” says Idemitsu Petroleum Norge’s Managing Director Hiroshi Arikawa.
The next well in PL 609 license will be the Neiden 7220/6-2 R re-entry, which will proceed to drill the main Paleozoic reservoir target.
Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS has a 30 % share in PL 609. Joint venture partners are Lundin Norway AS (Operator, 40 %) and DEA AS (30 %)
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