Fram field life extension project

14. november 2017

The Fram partners have decided to invest in a gas module on the Troll C platform in the North Sea.

The new gas module is planned to be ready for operation from 1 October 2019.  The installation will accelerate and increase oil production and gas export from the Fram field. It is expected that by this investment, the field life of Fram will be extended until at least 2030.
Hiroshi Arikawa, Managing Director of Idemitsu Petroleum Norge comments: "By making an investment decision for this strategically important project, idemitsu together with the Fram partners have secured the basis for long term profitable production from the Fram field. By increasing the gas capacity on the Troll C platform we will be able to mature more wells and explore  for new resources and be able to produce the recourses within the expected Fram field lifetime."
Idemitsu Petroleum Norge holds a 15 % interest in the Fram field. The field is operated by Statoil with 45 % interest. Other partners are ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Norway with 25 % interest and ENGIE E&P Norge with 15 %.

Fram is located approximately 20 km from the Troll field in the northern part of the North Sea. The Fram well stream is transported by pipeline to Troll C for processing, and the oil is piped from there through the Troll II pipeline to Mongstad. The gas is exported through Troll A to Kollsnes.