Boosting Vigdis

6. desember 2018

By almost 11 million barrels.

The subsea field Vigdis has been producing oil through the Snorre field for more than 20 years. Field production will now be boosted by almost 11 million barrels. It has now been decided by the Vigdis partners to invest some NOK 1.4 billion in Vigdis boosting station.

This is an improved oil recovery project which includes a multiphase boosting station that will increase production from existing wells. The boosting station will be connected to the pipeline to enhance the capacity between Vigdis and Snorre A, and will help bring the well stream from the subsea field up to the platform. Thanks to the boosting station wellhead pressure can also be reduced which further increases production from the wells.

When the Vigdis field came on stream in 1997 it was assumed that the field would produce 200 million barrels of oil. So far, the field has produced twice as much. Recoverable resources from Vigdis are now estimated at 455 million barrels of oil.

“I am very pleased that this project now is approved by the Vigdis partners. This is a new investment decision in Snorre area where the joint venture has recently also decided to go ahead with the“SEP” to extend the field life of Snorre at least until 2040. The asset is very important for us, and this is part of our effort to enhance and optimize the area value.” says Hiroshi Arikawa, IPN’s Managing Director.

  • The Vigdis field is located in the Tampen area in the North Sea in block 34/7 (PL089). 
  • Equinor is operator with an interest of 41.5%. The other partners are Petoro AS (30 %), ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Norway (16.1 %), Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS (9.6 %) and DEA Norge AS (2.8 %). 
  • When the Vigdis field came on stream in 1997 recoverable reserves were estimated at 200 million barrels of oil. 
  • The field has now produced 394 million barrels, and recoverable reserves have been increased to 455 million barrels of oil.