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The Idemitsu / MUNCH connection

MUNCH i Bjørvika Foto: MUNCH/Guttorm Stilen Johansen

MUNCH in Bjørvika Foto: MUNCH/Guttorm Stilen Johansen



Idemitsu has been a proud sponsor of MUNCH since 1991.

One of the key management principles for all Idemitsu group companies is to give back to the local communities in which they operate.

Therefore, supporting MUNCH has been a natural choice for Idemitsu – a choice we are certain that Idemitsu founder and art collector Sazo Idemitsu (1885-1981) would have applauded to.

Starting with the first monetary contribution in 1991, the relationship between Idemitsu and MUNCH is one of the longest running sponsorships in the field of Norwegian art and culture.

The close bond we share with Edvard Munch’s art and the museum serves as an inspiration for employees and business associates alike.

In 2019, we extended our sponsorship agreement once again and planted five cherry trees in front of the new museum building in Bjørvika to mark the occasion.



Sazo Idemitsu, founder of Idemitsu. Photo: Idemitsu Kosan

Idemitsu founder Sazo Idemitsu was an enthusiastic art collector all his life. In 1966, the Idemitsu Museum of Art was established in Tokyo to display his extensive collection to the public. The museum has been recognised for its antique art which centres on Japan and the Orient. Photo: IKC

Visit the Idemitsu Museum of Arts website
Idemitsu, MUNCH, the Japanese Ambassador and Japan Norway Society planting cherry trees in Bjørvika. Ove Kvavik/MUNCH
Cherry tree planting in Bjørvika in August 2019. From left: Masahiro Tauchi, Japan's Ambassador to Norway, Shunichi Kito, President of Idemitsu Kosan and Marianne Borgen, Mayor of Oslo. Photo: Ove Kvavik/MUNCH
Idemitsu Museum of Arts, Tokyo (Idemitsu)
Idemitsu Museum of Arts in Tokyo. Photo: IKC

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